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Your questions answered ...


Are you serious?

Yes. Absolutely.


What are you actually selling?

The domain name, reputation, the current content and a wealth of information and knowledge currently in my head, with the understanding that such info will be delivered without removal of said head.


What are you NOT selling?

Can't think of anything, though I will be launching a new website which will look pretty much like the current  "Bands" section - ie an index page of bands, linking to individual pages with their Localnlive videos listed. This means the buyer (should they wish) could link to those pages, rather than maintain and update Localnlive's Band Pages. In that event, I'd be happy to undertake to insert links back to Localnlive.


How much are you asking?

I am open to offers; the buyer will be selected more on their commitment to continue with the job rather than money alone, but obviously if there is sufficient interest from committed people, then money will become an issue. We'll see.


How much income does the site generate?

Zero at the moment, though there is the potential to add sales and/or adverts to the site.


So what do you get out of it?

A lot of fun, meeting interesting new bands (and even interestinger band members), plus getting to know all the pubs and their staff. You also get the adulation and thanks from an adoring public. Let's correct that; you do get people saying 'thank you', which is nice.


How much work does it entail?

A few hours a week cruising web sites and facebook pages (which you'd have to do anyway, to find out where the music is), plus a few selected pub visits each month. And a couple more transfering the info to the site. I spend an additional hour a week tinkering with images, but that's not really necessary.


How many visitors does the site have?

This image illustrates visitor trends over the past year:

Google Analytics, one year.

While this one looks at August 2018:

Google Analytics, one month.

Please note: these figures are from Google analytics, and should not be relied upon as 100% accurate in terms of human eyes on the page; however, the trends are probably indicative. Full analytics may be made available to serious potential buyers.


What happens if no-one buys Localnlive?

The site will be maintained and updated until 31st December 2018. The current plan, in the event of no sale, is for the site to become a guide to local bands via listings of their localnlive videos, looking something like this. But that is subject to change.


Any More Questions?

I will answer any questions you may have: I shall answer direct, and may post an edited version of the Q&A here, in fairness to other potential buyers (your name will not be included!).


When does the sale close?

Any serious offers received by 24.00hrs on 30 September 2018 will be considered. This page will be updated from time to time until then, so please ensure you check this page before you make your bid. Please be advised the final decision is mine and mine alone, and I make no promises as regards the irrational nature of my thought processes. I shall, however, do my best to be fair to anyone, without fear or favour (whatever that means). Nothing that I say between now and the close should be construed as a promise, statement of intent, or encouragement to a particular person or person(s), because it isn't.


I reserve the right to change, update or withdraw this offer at any time, without offering, stating or even knowing the reason.

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Last Updated: 31 August 2018  


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