"Why Ents24 - title"

We strongly recommend ENTS24

For bands, posting your gigs on Ents24 allows anyone - including Local&Live - to sign up for emails anouncing each new gig. So you post in one place, we all get to hear about it.


For venues, the same rules apply. How often do you get badgered about your upcoming entertainment? How many people do you have to tell, in order to get a decent crowd in, buying beer? With Ents24, you announce it, then tell everyone - including Local&Live - "sign up to Ents24!"


For music lovers, you can subsribe to your favourite bands and venues - or ask for gigs 'near you'. You can either get email alerts, or visit the web site. Once all the venues and bands have joined up, you won't need Local&Live, and I'll be able to retire.


Why now?

We're getting bands from outside our local area - with Ents24, we all get to hear whoever they are. Also some pubs only do occasional music. If they sign up, their gigs won't get missed!


Why Ents24?

There are many different listing sites; all have something going for them, none are perfect. More seriously, none of them are comprehensive for our area; exactly why I launched Local&Live. But it just happens that Ents24 has more local supporters than the others, and it's a site that's pretty user-friendly. No, I'm not getting any commission, more's the pity!


Take a look:  Ents24