Google Calendar - Tutorial

Google Calendar

 You've seen the calendar on this site - but you probably found it hard to read it. This page tells you how to get a much better version, suitable for desktop, laptop or mobile.

Please note, not everyone is an Internet expert, and this is written assuming little basic knowledge; if you're blessed with that knowledge please bear with us.


1. You need a google account. If you use gmail or most other Google services, you have one. If not, sign up at


2. On a desktop or laptop computer, go to the web version of my calendar, select and right-click on the URL, and choose 'copy'

selct and copy url


3. go to Your Google calendar, check that you are logged in, go to settings via the cogwheel at the top of the page.

Choose settings, via the cogwheel.


4. In settings (left hand column), choose 'Add calendar'  >> 'From URL'

Choose add calendar >> from URL


5. Paste the URL you saved earlier, choose 'Add calendar'

Paste the url, click add calendar


6. Now go to your mobile device, and open Google Calendar.

If you don't have it, install from appstore / playstore.

Go to the menu for display options, find what suits you.


7. Claim your Blue Peter Badge.


It really is that easy, but if you have problems, get in touch.


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