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So What's It All About, Then?

Local&Live aims to list every free music gig in Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury and the villages - we miss a few, but we're by far the most comprehensive site for free gigs, and we're always looking for more venues to include, more bands / musicians to add. You can help!


How Does It Work?

The front page shows all the local free gigs, while Band pages will show the bands' gigs - even some outside our area, or paid-for (if they choose!). Venue pages will show all the free gigs at that venue (if the venue chooses, their page may also include paid-for gigs and other events)

What Does It Cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The site is free to access, no membership required. For venues and bands / musicians, all the basic stuff is free, always has been, and always will be. If you want extra, we can talk about advertising ... but chances are you can do it for free.

What About Open Mic Nights?

Open Mic Nights are good for new bands, good for pubs (including those who cannot - yet - support a regular band). You tell us, and we'll add it to your venue page - and if it's a regular event, to our Open Mic Page

Suppose I Want To Be Local&Live?

We are happy to feature bands / singers looking for bookings in our area. The more detail the better; YouTube or audio clips will help; booking contact details are essential. This service is free. So long as you keep us informed, your page will stay!

Why Local & Live?

Plenty of sites list paid events, but no-one else offers the service we do:

There are many fine musician sites, and some good pub sites, but they don't link up too well. We do.

The trouble with the national, regional and county-wide listing sites is that they are too often out of date, half empty, or just plain wrong.

Which Towns Are Included?

We now cover Whitstable, Canterbury, Herne Bay and the surrounding villages - that's an area that it's possible to keep on top of! We will  not be expanding to other areas, but where another site covers that area, we'll link to that site here. We believe it's better to cover the local area well, than a larger area really badly!

How Can Venues & Musicians Help?

The site can only work if bands and pubs support it with information - and if music lovers keep us informed of new bands, new venues, and report corrections, too. We're ALWAYS grateful for any information you can pass our way. We love corrections and criticism - vital for our success.

What Extra Info Can Go On Band / Venue Pages?

Musos and bars are welcome to offer any content for 'their' page, and provided we can squeeze it in the site design, know that 'yes' is the answer. But keep it clean - today's kids at the door looking in are tomorrow's music fans, so we don't want to fall foul of auto-censors. Content might include:

Would You Link To Other Music Sites?

We are happy to consider links to other sites which feature live music in our area (Whitstable, Canterbury, Herne Bay and around). Links to not-for-profit organisations are - of course - free; others are welcome to advertise. See some Great Sites


**Just the facts, Ma'am; the editor's decision is final.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading this ... and thanks in advance for any contribution you can make.


Andrew Heenan

Andrew Heenan
Head Honcho

PS - Listings are free to Musos and Venues ... and always will be.


Thanks to Nigel, for YouTube research, proofreading and multifarious suggestions, most of which are taken up as soon as I find the time!