The Bands

These bands appear regularly in the area. Each band has its own page with listings, pictures, videos and information. Plenty of other bands appear too - and we aim to list them all!

Back Street Bloozers

Ben Mills / Benzego

Big Sky

The Blue Devils

The Boogie Men

Dave La

Davey Ralph

Dead Man's Corner

The Fran McGillivray Band

Frank Statesboro

The Geoff Everett Band


Gumboots Reggae Band

The Happy Trails

Jim Leverton

Johnny Green Blues Band

Kingsize Jones

Lawyers, Guns and Money

The Love Cats

Luke Smith


Majestic 12

The Marrables

The Miles Cookman Band

The Moments


Outlaw State

Porch Swing Blues 

Project F

The Reps

Ry Robson / King Ziggy


South Bank

Squeeze Gut Alley

Steve Bolton

Tim Simon

Tiny Ghost

Total Recall

We Ghosts


Plus - "Bands that want to be Local&Live"

Tips for Bands

Tip #6 - Make sure I have your best video - especially if the band has changed, or you're doing new stuff.